The strategic goal of SELOS, s.r.o. iss to provide the breadth and quality of the next-to-one products in the industry to ensure lasting and repetitive business relationships with the customer.

An integrated management system policy is based on an understanding of the links between meeting customer requirements and the environmental impact of related activities. The company’s management plans and implements its development with a view to minimizing the adverse effects of its activities on the environment.

We are committed to:
1. Permanently secure and increase customer satisfaction
2. Continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system

The following principles are adopted for this:
– increase qualifications and ensure the professional growth of employees by identifying their needs
– To create mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers based on trust, correctness, high
the quality of the products provided
– strengthen the company’s position on the industrial market by ethical means
– create appropriate infrastructure and working environment for employees and customers


Being aware of the growing environmental problems, SELOS, s.r.o. has decided to reserve the necessary resources and make efforts to prevent environmental pollution.

We are committed to the following in order to achieve the effectiveness of the Company’s prudent environmental behavior with respect to the legislative requirements and the requirements of STN EN ISO 14001: 2005:

1. Prevention of environmental pollution in all spheres of our society.
2. Continuous improvement of the environmental management system
3. Compliance with applicable legal and other requirements

We will focus on:

– monitoring of emerging environmental aspects
– economical handling of metal waste
– education among employees to regularly develop environmental awareness


An inseparable part of a quality work process in all activities performed by SELOS, s.r.o. It is occupational safety and health. Supervision of OSH is understood by the company as an integral and integral part of the planning and implementation of work processes. Therefore, we are committed to:

1. Ensure continued improvement of OSH performance in line with the needs of society
2. Comply with applicable legislative and other requirements

We will focus on:
– education among employees for the purpose of accident prevention
– permanent reduction of risks, threats and dangers
– engaging all employees in communication to find and implement new workflows

In Trenčín, May 1, 2013, Ing. Kamil Lipták, Managing Director